Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Porch & More

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while. Since my last post I went to Cape Cod to attend the Mini Retreat sponsored by Make Mine Pink . I'm glad I did. It was a very restful and informative week. When I returned, I was ready for lots of new orders. So I have been up to my neck in suds all month. It's good to finally catch up.

I am posting two items for Show and Tell, part of Make Mine Pink's way to help members promote new products, communicate with friends and customers, and to have a little blog fun.

The first, pictured above, is my floral soap for Pink Friday on July 1oth. The theme is Summer Porch & Garden. I am fortunate enough to live in a house with a porch and a garden, quite an accomplishment for someone living in an apartment in Bronx, NY. I thought this soap was perfect for the theme. It features blue forget-me-nots and pink roses. The fragrance is Fresh Cut Flowers. It's light and airy, just right for summer.

My next item is the result of a brainstorm I got while working on an order. I am also a member of Friday Flea Market, and they seemed just right for a flea market sale. I made soap with honey and goat milk in the shape of an egg. The soap "dish" is a charming egg cup. These sweet little soaps are on sale here.

Now I must tell you all that I am going away once again. This has been quite a year for me in terms of traveling. I guess I got carried away in my first year of retirement. Next week, my family and I are cruising to Canada for 5 glorious days. When I get back, I plan to settle down and start working on a few more new ideas. Keep your eyes open!

Hello Everyone,Welcome to my new blog . And I really mean new. This is all so new to me, but I am sure I will soon be up to speed. I knew it was time to create a blog when I started feeling that I was missing too much fun. I plan to share ideas, favorite things, and information. I love making soaps and toiletries, so you can be sure to see some ideas and tips related to bath and body care. I have so many favorite things; I hope to share them with you in fun ways. Enjoy your visit.