Friday, April 15, 2011


 Pardon my absence. It all stared with major computer issues. It took a while and resulted in a new computer from Dell. That covers the first 6 weeks of my absence. I will spare you the rest. But now I'm back to blogging.

I decided to write about, which is my favorite source for ribbon. I'm sure many people are aware of this wonderful company. It has been around for about 70 years. You can read all about the history of ZipperStop here. I just love this company's story. I'm sure you will enjoy it too.

ZipperStop is located right here in New York. I could easily hop on the subway and go the store's location in lower Manhattan. Or I could drive there. I do neither; I have my ribbons shipped. I buy 3 at a time as I slowly add to my stash and try to keep the clutter down.  Why only 3 at a time? Why don't I go there? It can be tough sticking to my rule of only buying an item when I get rid of an item. If I went there, I would probably buy 33.  I am not interested in lugging tons of ribbon (or myself) up and down subway steps with tons of ribbon for an hour long ride where no seats are guaranteed. It is at this time that I invoke my arthritic senior citizen status. I don't drive there because the shipping is less than the bridge tolls. I live in the Bronx, so bridges must be crossed. Then there's parking. ZipperStop is located in the Canal Street area. Canal Street should be pictured in the dictionary under the listing for the word congestion.

ZipperStop has a great web site and the popular seam binding ribbon that so many of us use is available in 202 colors. It is 1/2 inch wide and 100 yards cost $7.95. I think that is a great  bargain for a thing of beauty.

Hello Everyone,Welcome to my new blog . And I really mean new. This is all so new to me, but I am sure I will soon be up to speed. I knew it was time to create a blog when I started feeling that I was missing too much fun. I plan to share ideas, favorite things, and information. I love making soaps and toiletries, so you can be sure to see some ideas and tips related to bath and body care. I have so many favorite things; I hope to share them with you in fun ways. Enjoy your visit.