Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

Hello Everybody,
I received this award from Debbie of Cozy Cottage. I feel honored. Thanks Debbie. In order to accept this award I must link to Debbie's blog. Just click on Cozy Cottage above. As you can see on the left, I must also display the Honest Scrap widget. Then I must tell 10 true things about myself and give the award to seven other lucky people.
Okay, in all honesty, I
1 have to say ice cream is my favorite thing to eat.
2 am absolutely thrilled to be retired.
3 enjoy true crime stories, reading them or seeing them on 48 Hours Investigates
4 wish I could live in Nice, France
5 would rather spend time with my grand daughter than with her parents. She IS more fun that they are. (Don't tell.)
6 got a personalized license plate to avoid a trip to DMV
7 love champagne
8 think Tracey Ulman is hilarious.
9 am fascinated by almost anything related to World War Two
10 have never had a new car and don't care if I never get one.
Now my turn to bestow the honors.
Melissa at The Casual Cameo
Marie Antionette at Creations by Marie Antionette

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunflower Soaps

Hello Everyone,
Well I have been at it again. I decided to try to take some pictures of my Sunflowers Soap for the upcoming Pink Friday theme, The Secret Garden which features all things floral. I took so many pictures just to get one decent shot. This is the result; it will have to do. I've got to move on to Greta's Wild Orchids. That could be tough, since I have no orchids, but sometimes I do feel a little wild, like this morning when I had too much caffeine.
Actually, this floral theme will coincide with my Flowers & Showers Sale. For this event, anyone ordering a floral soap will also receive a 5 ounce bottle of our Aloe Body Wash in the same floral fragrance. The sale starts on Friday May 29th and lasts until June 11th. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you at the Flowers & Showers Sale.

Hello Everyone,Welcome to my new blog . And I really mean new. This is all so new to me, but I am sure I will soon be up to speed. I knew it was time to create a blog when I started feeling that I was missing too much fun. I plan to share ideas, favorite things, and information. I love making soaps and toiletries, so you can be sure to see some ideas and tips related to bath and body care. I have so many favorite things; I hope to share them with you in fun ways. Enjoy your visit.