Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet Adele and Francoise

Hello Everyone,

I just could not resist these. They were created by Caroline of I carelessly erased the original set of pictures I took. They were beautifully wrapped. I thought I had downloaded them, but apparently, I did not. Fortunately I still had the card. I just love the way it opens. Also included in Caroline's package was a lovely lace sachet full of lavender, one of my favorites. As pretty as they look in the picture, Adele and Francoise are even lovlier in person.

Thanks again Caroline. By the way Caroline is in the UK, but her package arrived very quickly. I have had to wait much longer for packages from places like Arkansas. The cost of postage was also very reasonable. Caroline has many beautiful hand made items on her site. You can visit her at



gail said...

Hi Marie,,, I saw these at Carolines too and thought they were so adorable. I am so glad you got them. She is just the nicest person. I love hearing her talk about where she lives.
I hope you have a happy and creative week... luv and hugs, gail

Carrie Gonzalez said...

Hi Marie, Caroline does just beautiful work. She is such a sweet person too. Like Gail I just love hearing about all the goings on where she lives. Have a great week!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Marie,

Those looks really nice! We have so many talented ladies at MMP, don't we! I hope you have a great week!

Pei Li

lisa said...


They are adorable, I love them. I'll have to take a peek at Carolines website soon.


Roxie said...

Very very nice. Love the very feminine pictures on the front of the sachets. Thanks for sharing your lovely goodies from Caroline.

Debbie said...

Hi Marie....those are just adorable! Caroline really does nice work on her things.


Carolee Crafts said...

Thank you Marie for your blog, this was a thoughtful act coming from a thoughtful Pink Lady.

Patricia said...

Marie those are really cute. Thanks for sharing the info. She is a fun lady to have at MMP.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Brandie said...

Love it! What gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing this Marie:)

Cottage Flair said...

Those are really great. Nice to hear her shipping is so quick and reasonable. I still can't figure the shipping thing out!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Caroline is fabulous! Such a sweet and talented one she is!
bunny hugs marie!

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